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Our bothers might be annoying and they might get into our nerves but we know that they are our best friends for life. We can count on them for anything and everything. Their place is irreplaceable and their presence adds fun to everything. The time comes when the not so little brother grows up to become a man. It’s that time in our lives when all the childhood fights and silly arguments seem to lurk behind and all what stays is sheer fondness. That time undoubtedly is your brother’s wedding.

Your brother is finally going to tie knots with the woman of his dreams and he is all set to start a new chapter in his life. As unbelievable as it seems, you just can’t have enough of it. You have deep down waited for this moment since long. You have taken everything upon yourself to make his wedding day the best day of his life because that’s how much you adore him. But are you also thinking of something else?

We get you right there. understands what you are looking for. Some meaningful quotes so that you can tell him how so happy and proud you feel. Send your brother all the love, encouragement and support with the compilation of the wedding quotes for brother. Pick from all kinds of wedding quotes, funny and emotional to compliment your gifts or wedding speech. Our collection of wedding quotes will not disappoint you. We hope that you find something for yourself.

It blows my mind to see my little brother actually getting married! To me you’re still the person who did nothing but annoy me. But I’m really happy for you and know this will be the start of a long and wonderful life with your new bride.

I understand that everything will be different now, but I will still be there for you no matter what happens, and I will always have your back. May this new exciting chapter of your life bring you a ton of joy. Congrats!

All my love and congratulations to my brother. To find a woman who we all like but more importantly actually liked you is almost a miracle!!

Congratulations, I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding with you. To see my little brother tying the knot is sneaking and I am so happy for you.

Congratulations bro, my best wishes for a great day. You’ve found that one person who makes you truly happy, count yourself so lucky!

Congratulations my loving brother. The whole family is just so pleased to see you go on this exciting journey with your soul mate. We wish you all the best!

I raise my glass to you my brother and wishing you all the best for a perfect wedding and truly happy marriage. Congratulations.

All the wonderful memories you make today will be cherished for a lifetime, and you can look back on when you’re old and grey with your beloved wife. Congratulations.

There is no one I know who deserves to have found love like you, my brother. Congratulations and enjoy every second of today.

May your low grow stronger and your bond deeper with every passing minute. Congratulations to my brother on his wedding day.

I knew you were perfect for one another from the minute I saw you together. All this time later and it’s finally your wedding. I’m just so pleased for you both. Congratulations!

May this exciting journey you’re embarking on as a couple be nothing but joy. My best for a happy life and marriage!

Raising my glass to my brother and his soul mate. My wish is for you to have a happy and blessed marriage that brings you nothing but joy!

All my best and loving wishes to you my brother. To find that one person who you can call your soulmate is like hitting the jackpot. You deserve it though, have a great day!

You’ve had some ups and downs but it’s all done together today. You’re settling down, growing up and becoming a husband. I never thought I’d see the day! Best wishes to my brother on his wedding.

I never thought you’d find anyone willing to marry you, bro! Only joking. I’m delighted for you and so pleased I will be at the wedding to see you tie the knot.

It fills me with such joy to witness your wedding today. Seeing you grow and become the man you are, I’m just delighted that you’ve found such happiness. All my love and best wishes bro.

To my brother, we’ve been through so much together but today you begin a life with the woman you love. I know she is going to bring you untold happiness, and I couldn’t be more pleased for the both of you.

Try not to be nervous bro – today is the start of your new life. It’s going to bring you more happiness than you can imagine. Enjoy it!

To my amazing brother, it’s incredible to see you getting married. Wishing you so much happiness for today and always





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